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Pussy Riot Demo in Edinburgh tomorrow

Punk music is not my cup of tea, even when it’s performed by feminists. Freedom of speech, however, is very much my thing. Three alleged members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot face jail for singing a protest song outside … Continue reading

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Why shouldn’t Assange be sent to Sweden?

They don’t make them much more bleeding heart liberal than me. I’ve written many times on human rights issues. Why, then, do I struggle to find much sympathy for the predicament in which Wikileaks founder Julian Assange finds himself? Assange … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie was right: Alex Salmond did panda to China over Dalai Lama

So, now we know. Willie Rennie was right all along. Scotland’s First Minister didn’t put up any sort of a fight when China sent the boys round to talk about the Dalai Lama. Today’s Scotsman has the details. The Scottish … Continue reading

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Amnesty Scotland tells Russia: stop arming Syria

Campaigners protest at Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. Photo: Shabnum Mustapha I was up early on Saturday morning to join an Amnesty Scotland protest outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. The event was to mark 500 days since the start of … Continue reading

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Prominent womens’ rights campaigner detained in Sudan

It’s so easy being a political activist in this country. I can campaign for Liberal Democrat policies and values knowing that low poll ratings are my only concern. You can pretty much say what you want about the Government or … Continue reading

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SNP is putting self interest before human rights – Rennie #dontpandatoChina

First Minister Alex Salmond loves to meet international dignitaries and world leaders. Every chance he gets, he’s off playing a larger than life role on the international stage. Just last weekend, he was in Los Angeles promoting Scottish business and … Continue reading

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Amnesty Scotland disappointed that Scottish Government is not meeting Dalai Lama #dontpandatoChina

I asked on Monday why on earth Alex Salmond wouldn’t meet the Dalai Lama. It now seems worse than I had anticipated as Dundee City Council have gone at best lukewarm over an event they were supposed to be full … Continue reading

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Why will Alex Salmond not meet the Dalai Lama?

We are all used to seeing Alex Salmond jetting off round the world to meet foreign dignitaries. He’s off to California soon, Hollywood no less, among other places, to “promote Scotland’s interests”. He’s at a film premiere tonight, mixing with … Continue reading

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Don’t let another mother see her child murdered in front of her #tippingpoint #syria

Every time I look at my beautiful daughter, I feel that rush of love that all parents feel for their children. Every time I see a news article about the dreadful massacre in Syria, my heart breaks for those mothers … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr this morning – Eurozone, human rights, immigration and vested interests

Another superb performance from Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr this morning. As befits someone who was there when the Euro was born, working for then EU Trade Commissioner Sir Leon Brittain, he showed that he really knows his stuff on … Continue reading

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