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Better Together make me laugh

I found out something I didn’t know about my husband last week. He reads emails from Better Together. I honestly didn’t expect that. I tend to read all the political geekery and tell him what’s happening. He tends not to … Continue reading

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The April Fool round-up

There were some very clever April Fool jokes out there in the blogosphere yesterday. Here are some of the best. Very cleverly crafted piece from Liberator: “Clegg to abandon electoral reform?” Does this from Ian Smart mean we can now … Continue reading

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The Liberal Democrat Voice team as you’ve never seen them before

There’s a silly meme going round Facebook by which you can work out your Easter Bunny name. The Liberal Democrat Voice team are as follows: Sparkle Snuggle Bunny Sparkle Sugar Kiss Thumper Marshmallow Loco Doodles Lily Happy Feet Lily Cotton … Continue reading

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William Hague offers me £2 million

Look what I found in my junk email this morning. The thought of William Hague handing out £2 million to a selection of random individuals via a Hotmail account appealed to my sense of the absurd.  All I have to … Continue reading

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Call this a Scottish breakfast, John Lewis? What are you thinking?

So, it’s the first day in post apocalyptic Britain. We all seem to have survived the end of the world, so we can now look forward to a bright future, where we’re all nice to each other, live in peace … Continue reading

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A bit of musical light relief from the independence debate

Yesterday, someone called “Big Eck” left this song as a comment on an old post. I thought it deserved a wider audience…

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Independent’s spin on Nick Clegg and the Thick of It

LDV readers will no doubt be delighted that The Thick of It will be back on our screens this Autumn. The political satire has been greatly missed over the past two years and it will be interesting to see how … Continue reading

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Fathers’ Day

If they gave Olympic medals for falling asleep in front of the television, my Dad would have a bucketload. That explains why, completely independently and 150 miles apart, my sister and I both bought him the same Father’s Day card. … Continue reading

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The #neverseconds jokes begin – Falsetto Sock Puppets

The Falsetto Sock Puppets put the saga of Argyll and Bute Council’s Day of Shame to a well kent song.Enjoy.

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Lembit Opik for Eurovision 2013 #lembitforeurovision

I am on long train jourrney and have been without human company for some time. This probably explans why I have been excited beyond description by the idea that as well as saving the earth from destruction by asteroid, it’s … Continue reading

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