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Lunchtime Fun: Inside the mind of Mark Pack……

Yesterday, the Great Chocoholic wrote a blog post about shoe grips which help you to walk on the ice – a very helpful seeing as it’s supposed to be very Wintry this weekend. But I think there’s more to it … Continue reading

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To see oursels as ithers see us

I’m not a great one for quoting Burns, after he urged henpecked husbands to take a switch to their wife, but this line from To a Louse seems to fit. If you haven’t already seen it, this Taiwanese take on … Continue reading

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>An appropriate way to welcome a new leader #sp4


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>Why Scottish education is, well, just awesome.

>Look at what the teachers, from the rector (that’s Scottish for head teacher) down, did as a surprise for leaving pupils at Bell Baxter High School in Cupar.Mind you, Anna already thinks high school is going to be somewhere in … Continue reading

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>A candidate and a video camera – what can possibly go wrong?

>Candidates often use technology to enhance their campaigns. After all, it’s so easy. Anyone, for example, can make a video these days. You just get yourself a camera, stand in front of it, and the words just flow, as Alex … Continue reading

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>Let’s all have a laugh at Frank McAveety

>Bless Frank McAveety. People are still dining out (geddit?) on the time when, as a Minister, he had to grovel to Parliament for turning up late for Question Time and using Ministerial Business as an excuse. Ministerial greed was in … Continue reading

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>A couple of minor irritations…..

>Thought I’d share with you a couple of things that have, well, I won’t say annoyed me, but made me bristle with irritation over the weekend. The first was brought to my attention by Jennie on Twitter. I do wonder, … Continue reading

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>Fantasy Liberal Cabinet

>Those nice people at Lib Dem Voice have given us the task of forming a Fantasy Liberal Cabinet, which can include politicians past and present. The Hon Lady Mark has taken this a step further and allocated me the job … Continue reading

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>The Best Complaint Letter Ever

>I have had a really miserable day. I feel like hell. If you’ve been following my Twitter posts, you’ll be sick fed up hearing about my ears. My poor long suffering husband got his head in his hands to play … Continue reading

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>Preparation for Parenthood

>I was sent this in an e-mail by my friend Louise. I don’t often pass on these viral things but occasionally there’s one that totally hits the spot and this is it. I have no idea where it originally came … Continue reading

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