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Liberal Democrats should not be voting to cut benefits for the poorest, working or not

I aIways knew when we went into Coalition that there would be moments when I would need to be locked in a cupboard with a bottle of gin. Tonight is one of them when MPs vote on a proposal, which, … Continue reading

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>Welfare Reform: Mostly good changes with a few stings in the tail

>As I write, Iain Duncan Smith is on his feet in the House of Commons announcing his package of welfare reforms. IDS was a rubbish leader of the Conservative Party, but I have more confidence in the welfare reforms he … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrat MPs must veto compulsory community service for the unemployed

>I am wary about commenting on something that’s at the moment only a news report, that we haven’t heard from the horse’s mouth, but even so, I feel the need to lay down a bit of a line in the … Continue reading

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>Some snippets from the Budget Debate

>I don’t want you to think that I’ve spent the last week glued to the Budget debate in the House of Commons, but I thought I’d share with you another couple of moments from the proceedings from the bits I … Continue reading

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