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In full – the self-induced humiliation of a First Minister

I knew when I read the Official Report of yesterday’s proceedings in the Scottish Parliament that I’d enjoy it probably more than I should. I will admit to a bit of schadenfreude at the uber-smug Alex Salmond coming a fairly … Continue reading

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>Rennie tells Salmond: you should be bothering about Cornton Vale, not slating judges

>I was more than a little bit perturbed to see First Minister’s Questions today completely dominated by Alex Salmond’s thrawn refusal to apologise to Lord Hope. Yes, it’s an important issue, but ultimately, Lord Hope can look after himself. A … Continue reading

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>Labour’s knife crime policy looking stupider by the hour #sp11

>I’ve often said that the worst thing that could happen in this election was for Richard Baker, whose preferred policy making procedure appears to be by jerking his knee in response to tabloid headlines, to end up as Cabinet Secretary … Continue reading

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>That Politics Show Leaders’ Scrap #sp11

>Oh dear. Take 4 party leaders, put them side by side without any structure to their interactions and you’re going to get a rammy. And if you had 5, with the addition of Patrick Harvie, I reckon it would just … Continue reading

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>Cameron to make statement on Megrahi – a reminder of what Scottish Labour said at the time

>I don’t know what David Cameron is going to say when he makes his statement about the release of Megrahi later, but the BBC reports that it will be very embarrassing for Scottish Labour, who could not have been more … Continue reading

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>Nurses and Police dominate FMQs

>Nurses and Policemen probably feature in election literature more than people in any other occupation. That’s a bit unfair in a way, but these two groups of people tend to be seen as representative of hard pressed public sector workers. … Continue reading

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>Who were these strange actors at FMQs today?

>Noon today saw the inital First Minister’s Questions of the 2010-11 Holyrood session.  And it was really, really weird. For the first while it looked as if Alex Salmond and Iain Gray had been kidnapped and replaced by actors – … Continue reading

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>Tavish catches Salmond fiddling while education burns

>FMQs is usually a display of brimstone, bluff and bluster from our imitiable showman of a First Minister. Occasionally he surprises and behaves like a grown up, just to remind us (or maybe himself) that he still can. Increasingly, though, … Continue reading

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>Tavish Scott highlights Lib Dem Coalition success at FMQs

>It was probably a little bit naughty of Tavish Scott to use today’s FMQs at Holyrood to highlight a key part of the Coalition Agreement secured by the Liberal Democrats – the ending of detention of children at Dungavel and … Continue reading

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>Holyrood: The Budget Battleground

>Last year the SNP Government was only able to get its budget through after a highly dramatic Holyrood showdown. Will the various groups in the Scottish Parliament be able to conduct themselves in a constructive manner this year, working together … Continue reading

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