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Nick Clegg is wrong on EU benefits – his words and actions don’t match up. We might save peanuts, but we lose so much more..

So, all these EU citizens from poorer countries coming here and claiming benefits. A huge problem? Actually, not so much. My Liberal Democrat Voice co-editor was bang on the money yesterday when he said: So, for all the uproar and … Continue reading

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Go home poster vans still up in Glasgow despite the best efforts of Liberal Democrats

We know that Liberal Democrats within the Government have said that there will be no repetition of the Go Home poster vans which were sent to drive round certain boroughs in London. We also know that there will be no … Continue reading

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"The Government won’t let my husband into UK – while they talk about bombing the bejeezus out of his neighbourhood!"

This morning, Christine Gilmore wrote an article on Liberal Democrat Voice about why she believes intervention in Syria is critical. She has a different perspective than most of us as she has lived in Damascus. She moved there in 2010 … Continue reading

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What the hell are the Home Office playing at – and why are Liberal Democrats letting them get away with it?

So, it seems that officials from the Home Office have been showing up at tube stations in London and demanding to see proof of people’s immigration status. That would be non white people’s status, by the way. The Independent has … Continue reading

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BBC’s story on immigration billboards misses the point

Like many Liberal Democrats – actually make that virtually all Liberal Democrats who have commented – I am absolutely fuming about the Government’s plans, announced by immigration minister Mark Harper, to send billboards around 6 London boroughs with a message … Continue reading


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Sarah Teather and Sally Hamwee contribute to report which highlights misery of new family immigration rules

The conclusions of today’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, that the changes in the family immigration rules are unfair and causing families to be split up, should come as no surprise. It was obvious to anyone who knows even … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg’s speech on immigration: the good, the bad and the ugly

The much-missed Conrad Russell said you should read something three times before you pass comment on it. I’ve done that with today’s speech on immigration by Nick Clegg. I’ve also had several cups of tea and am frantically hunting for some … Continue reading

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Everyday life under independence – Part 1. A new passport

I only managed to watch a little bit of last night’s Big Debate on Scotland’s future. I do wish the BBC wouldn’t hide these things past my bedtime, but I knew that I’m not likely to get a huge amount … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr this morning – Eurozone, human rights, immigration and vested interests

Another superb performance from Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr this morning. As befits someone who was there when the Euro was born, working for then EU Trade Commissioner Sir Leon Brittain, he showed that he really knows his stuff on … Continue reading

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What we’re all missing in the Mike Hancock affair

A fair few Liberal Democrats, myself included, have raised our eyebrows over the story that Mike Hancock, our MP for Portsmouth South, who has stepped down from the Defence Select Committee because of his relationship with a woman, now facing … Continue reading

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