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Nick Clegg in Africa – a missed opportunity?

Nick Clegg and Lynne Featherstone went to Africa this week. Shortly after he picked up every banana skin left for him at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions by Labour and the incomparable Peter Bone, and lobbed them back with vigour, he … Continue reading

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>BBC reports flawed breastfeeding report as Holy Writ alongside new Vitamin D guidance

>The BBC is reporting that the Scottish Government has issued some new advice to pregnant mothers, that they should take Vitamin D supplements. Much as I’m not keen on synthetic vitamins, I can’t really argue with this one. We used … Continue reading

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>What is really behind today’s reports undermining breastfeeding?

>When I see a report which undermines breastfeeding, like this one today saying that introducing solids to a baby earlier than the recommended 6 months,  I always look for the connection to the baby food industry. And I have never … Continue reading

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>Insects found in artificial baby milk

>Imagine your absolute horror if you’ve gone to the trouble of sterilising all the various bits and pieces of equipment to make up bottles for your baby, and then find creepy crawlies actually in the milk powder? I was shocked … Continue reading

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