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Nick Clegg writes to Lib Dem supporters on childcare

I woke up this morning to see all sorts of comment on Twitter about an email from Nick Clegg received by Party supporters. I hurriedly checked my inbox – and there was nothing. I wondered fleetingly and not terribly seriously … Continue reading

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The Budget – a triumph for Liberal Democrat internal communications people

Danny Alexander talking right now to Party Members I have got to say, I think the party has been fantastic in the way it’s been getting information out to members about the Budget. I still wake up in a cold … Continue reading

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Is Lib Dem HQ doing secret experiments on party members?

Bear with me. I know the headline comes out in green ink, but this is seriously not as irrational a question as it might sound. I base my theory on a conversation with a friend of mine who was complaining … Continue reading

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Clegg’s e-mail signals start of fight back against Labour

Better watch out here – there’s a sign of some joined up thinking from ‘them indoors’ in the Westminster Bubble. Hot on the heels of Nick Clegg’s mostly successful interview on Andrew Marr this morning an e-mail appears from him … Continue reading

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