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It’s all kicking off in Calderdale…aka how to beat your Labour opposition in 140 characters

Recently, Alisdair Calder McGregor was selected as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Calder Valley. His articles on Liberal Democrat Voice on the energy price freeze and the living wage have been widely read and well received. Last night, he ended … Continue reading

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The joy of Twitter on its 7th birthday

So, it’s 7 years today since the first Tweet was sent. Coincidentally, earlier this week, this happened to me: A kind of super diamond jubilee. I was quite pleased with myself but was soon brought back down to earth by … Continue reading

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How do we deal with transphobia when it screams at us from the Observer?

There’s quite a lot in this article by Suzanne Moore that I can agree with. She outlines the underlying anger many women feel at the barriers they face in life, from discrimination to physical and sexual abuse, to the pressures … Continue reading

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Jennie Rigg’s blog is the place to be for every Liberal Democrat Conference Rep

Liberal Democrat conference reps have a treat in store from next Monday. Ballot papers land on their doorsteps for elections to the party’s Federal Committees. I should declare my interest now – I am standing for the Federal Executive. Voters … Continue reading

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Liberal anthem The Land rewritten in light of Conference accreditation #ldconf

We all know the agonies the party has gone through on Conference accreditation. And they are real agonies. Next week when we gather in Brighton, our family will not be complete, because some people aren’t going because they object to … Continue reading

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Lib Dems see off Beecroft Report

Tough though these last two year have been, there are some times I am really glad we are in there holding the Tories back. Make no mistake, the proposals for employers to basically hire and fire at will, and for … Continue reading

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The Question: what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Apologies for the links not being right – I’m doing this on my iPad and I Aven’t quite worked out how to do it properly. I’ll fix it in the morning when I get ack on the laptop. Anyway, The … Continue reading

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>Ok, Ken Clarke, you’re forgiven

>It broke my heart to say, the other night, that Ken Clarke should go, unless he was prepared to make a proper apology and acknowledge his mistake for the comments he made about rape. Well, he’s done that, on last … Continue reading

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>Does anyone like the term Alarm Clock Britain?

>I’ve said many times in this blog how the poorest people in this Country are those who are just above the thresholds for certain benefits or tax credits – the pensioner, for example, whose occupational pension puts her something like … Continue reading

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>Calling all geeks! The Baggage Man wants you

>What do you get when a group of sci-fi and horror loving geeks with a liking for smut and sometimes downright strangeness decide to play with some headphones and recording equipment? The answer is a podcast called My God! It’s … Continue reading

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