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Labour leadership hopeful’s staffer tells student to "shut the f*** up" at demo

Labour MSP Ken Macintosh comes over as a quiet, thoughtful man. He’s certainly always been very mild mannered whenever I’ve seen him interviewed. I’m not sure he would be impressed with the actions of one of his staffers at today’s … Continue reading

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>Jim Devine will be home for Christmas – or before

>Disgraced former Livingston Labour MP Jim Devine has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for defrauding his election expenses, the BBC reports.  At most, he’ll actually serve 8 months inside, so he’ll be home for Christmas. According to his lawyer, … Continue reading

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>Former MP Jim Devine declared bankrupt

>It’s never nice to see a life disintegrate, however much the problems are of that person’s own making. So I feel sad to read that Jim Devine, the former MP for Livingston recently found guilty of MP’s expenses fraud has now … Continue reading

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>Jim Devine found guilty: an inglorious end to a chaotic career

>Before I start, let me do a bit of a Nick Ross thing. Remember at the end of Crimewatch every month he used to say that crime was actually really rare and tell us to sleep easy.  Well, that’s just … Continue reading

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>Mark’s MPs Meme

>The UK’s third most influential Lib Dem blogger, Mark Reckons has challenged us to name all the MPs who had ever represented us. That’ll be a breeze, I thought, being the political geek that I am, they will all just … Continue reading

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>Devine fails to show at constituency surgery

>I’m just watching Reporting Scotland and have been horrified to see that Jim Devine failed to show at a constiteuncy surgery in Livingston this afternoon. Devine has been in the news a lot this week after being deselected as MP … Continue reading

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>"Devastated" Devine threatens to force second by-election in Livingston

>The BBC is reporting, as I have speculated here on several occasions in the last few days, that Jim Devine, recently deselected MP for Livingston, is threatening to stand down immediately and force the second by-election of this Parliament in … Continue reading

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>Jim Devine – an ignominious end to an unremarkable career

>There are some politicians you don’t really mind that much being beaten by, and Robin Cook was one of them. His re-election to Livingston in 2005 was not unexpected and also not particularly unwelcome. His stance on the Iraq War, … Continue reading

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>Jim Devine MP deselected by Labour "Star Chamber"

>Jim Devine, MP will now never face the Livingston electorate at a General Election after being deselected by the Labour Party’s NEC sub Committee which is investigating MP’s expense claims. Clearly they were less convinced than the local Labour Party … Continue reading

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>Today’s the day for Jim Devine

>As I wrote last week, my own MP (and I don’t say that with any pride, believe you me) is up before Labour’s star chamber because of certain discrepancies with his expenses. Since last week, the Sunday Herald have spent … Continue reading

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