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Salmond fails on carbon capture at #fmq

The SNP will do anything to take a knock at the UK Government. It’s all part of their plan to persuade the people that anything that involves Westminster is the Spawn of Satan. First Minister’s Questions is, these days, not … Continue reading

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>That Labour Record of School Building

>Dunfermline High School. A building falling to bits. A building which should have been rebuilt, or even refurbished, to make it meet its pupils’ needs well over a decade ago. Who was in charge at the time? Labour, in administration … Continue reading

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>Sweet Dreams from the Scottish Liberal Democrats

>Oh, I know I’m asking for trouble with a headline like that. You may mock, but there is a serious point to it all if the number of folk who are usually around on Twitter in the middle of the … Continue reading

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>A Trip Down Memory Lane for my 500th post

>It’s taken 2.5 years, but I’ve managed to chock up half a millennium’s worth of posts. In the style of many US TV series, I thought I’d make this a bit of a flashback episode and remind you of some … Continue reading

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>Scottish Parliament backs Gaza ceasefire call

>The Scottish Parliament yesterday backed calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and recognised the work of charities and NGOs trying to help improve the plight of the Palestinians. The text of the motion was S3M-3179 Nicola Sturgeon: The Humanitarian Disaster … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats Launch Glenrothes by-election campaign

>Aided by a rather majestic looking golden eagle, Liberal Democrat candidate for Glenrothes Harry Wills launched his campaign today accompanied by Tavish “Tax Cut” Scott, Dunfermline by-election winner Willie Rennie and Dunfermline West MSP Jim Tolson. Willie’s comments reminded me … Continue reading

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>Dunfermline Delight

>It was a great moment, in an otherwise very sad evening, to witness the election of Jim Tolson as the MSP for Dunfermline West. It made the long hours, the exhaustion, the sheer slog, all worthwhile. We had a fantastic … Continue reading

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>E-Counting Misery

>I can’t stand e-counting. Thursday night was as close to torture as I’d ever come. We were all gathered at the Fife Institute with no real idea what was going on as the screens did not update regularly, and stayed … Continue reading

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