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Do you want to work for Jo Swinson?

Jo Swinson and her local party, East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrats, are looking to employ a campaign organiser. The closing date is tomorrow, so you have to move quickly if you fancy applying. The East Dunbartonshire crowd work hard – but … Continue reading

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Conference: the good, the bad and the ugly

Now that I’ve had some sleep and recovered from the fun of Federal Conference in Brighton, I thought I’d share with you some of the highs and lows of a thoroughly enjoyable five days. The Good When Shami beat Paddy:  You … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson’s speech to #LDConf in full

On Wednesday, Jo Swinson made her first platform speech to Conference as a Minister. She spoke about the need for work to be fulfilling and told how she would introduce the right for all to request flexible working and would … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg announces Jo Swinson as Equalities Minister

Remember the almighty wailing and gnashing of teeth on here a week ago when it appeared that Nick Clegg had given our treasured equalities work to the Tories? Well, now it transpires that we are going to have a Liberal … Continue reading

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Vince on Marr: It’s grown up to talk to Labour

Vince Cable went on the Andrew Marr show this morning to talk about his new industrial strategy. He was also asked about the story in the Mail on Sunday which touted the idea that Zac Goldsmith would resign his Commons … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson calls for responsible reporting of eating disorders

Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire, Jo Swinson has called for the media to be more responsible in the way they report eating disorders as the Herald reports today. She believes that there should be similar practice as for the … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson: The Invisible Woman

I’ve been reading through some press reports of the Gateshead Conference. It’s not an unusual experience to come home and read what the media have been saying and think “What? That wasn’t the event I attended.” The papers have concentrated … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson’s Channel 4 Political slot

Jo Swinson did Channel 4’s political slot the other night. Here it is, for posterity.

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Joan McAlpine does it again – compares Scotland to an abused wife

It’s not that long since SNP MSP and senior aide to Alex Salmond Joan McAlpine suggested that the unionist parties were acting in an anti Scottish manner. Their crime? Not agreeing with SNP policy on the referendum. Now, courtesy of … Continue reading

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So, what was Jo Swinson doing in Private Eye?

You always take a bit of a sharp intake of breath if you see one of your lot mentioned in Private Eye. However, this time, our Jo Swinson is the hero of the story. The current issue drew my attention to … Continue reading

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