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Johann Lamont’s best line ever at FMQs – and it wasn’t even accurate….

It’s been a bit of a pandatastic week. The Edinburgh Zoo pandas have been here for 18 months and have so far managed to avoid the First Minister. Until the other day. The way he pronounced on Tian Tian’s medical … Continue reading

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Scomnishambles: a(nother) day Alex Salmond would rather forget

I probably owe Johann Lamont an apology. I thought she was letting Alex Salmond walk all over her at First Minister’s Questions today. She was trying to pull him up on college shambles. He seemed absolutely sure of his figures. … Continue reading

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Holyrood honours the Queen

I’ve just been reading through the Parliamentary Debate which honoured the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee yesterday. Each Party leader, including Patrick Harvie, made a short speech and I felt that they captured what the Queen means to Scotland and its people. … Continue reading

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Rennie: Salmond would dine out with Devil to further independence cause

I’ve been watching the love in between Alex Salmond and Rupert Murdoch with an increasing sense of foreboding. And it appears I might have good reason. Have a look at this succession of tweets from Andrew Neil: Especially the one … Continue reading

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