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>YIPPEE – he’s done it! Phew!

>Ok, you can’t really argue with the other guy giving up. I believe it now. I’m smiling. McCain is being very generous in defeat and offering help and support in the future. I know I should go to bed, but … Continue reading

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>Joe Lieberman polishes his crystal ball

>Senator Joe Lieberman, the guy who would have been Al Gore’s VP had a few votes in Florida gone the other way, and who is now a McCain supporter, has been showing off some hitherto hidden talents – as fortune … Continue reading

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>John McCain – what were you thinking?

>I’d never heard of Sarah Palin until yesterday. All I really know is that she’s Governor of Alaska, has been for about a year and a half, is under investigation for trying to get her ex brother in law fired … Continue reading

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