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More on Yes Scotland’s dodgy digital dealings #yesscam

So, after my mother of all blog rants about Yes Scotland portraying its Twitter followers as supporters, and its son, in which I told you that they had at least partially climbed down by altering their site, there have been more developments … Continue reading

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The Conference Accreditation row slumbers no more

Remember that stooshie we had over the blatantly illiberal and actually discriminatory Conference Accreditation system for last year’s Autumn event in Birmingham? For a refresher, have a look at the speech I would have made in the debate about it … Continue reading

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A memo to Liberal England on the subject of Mr Farron

In recent weeks, both Liberal England‘s Jonathan Calder and Mark Pack have criticised Party President Tim Farron for doing too much crowd pleasing stuff and not enough side taking, not being willing to upset people by sticking his neck on the … Continue reading

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