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Two things Lib Dems are doing that make me happy – and one where there’s room for improvement

I am heartily delighted that Nick Clegg is to make his own statement on Leveson this afternoon. When there’s such a complex mix of abuse of power and freedom issues, we need an unequivocally liberal point of view. The Tories … Continue reading

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Page 3 is the tip of a huge iceberg which threatens our society #nomorepage3

The No More Page 3 Campaign hurtles towards 50,000 signatures, and has attracted the backing of some more Liberal Democrat MPs, MSPs and councillors. Julian Huppert, Tom Brake and Stephen Williams have signed up, along with Alison McInnes MSP, Sarah … Continue reading

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169 days to help Julian Huppert protect the internet from the prying eyes of the state

 I have a list of measures passed by this Coalition Government that I can’t stand. I call it the FFS list. A measure has to be monumentally awful to get on to that list. The changes to the Immigration Rules … Continue reading

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Julian Huppert MP talks to bloggers on web snooping plans

Last Wednesday night, I took part in a conference call Julian Huppert MP and other bloggers who were interested in any potential web snooping plans. When I say interested, I mean “would start frothing at the mouth if any of … Continue reading

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The Liberty Fringe at #ldconf on the Human Rights Act in tweets

There can’t be much better nourishment for the liberal soul than being in a room with Julian Huppert, Shami Chakrabarti, Ming Campbell and Evan Harris. A packed fringe meeting at Lib Dem Conference in Birmingham gathered to hear these esteemed … Continue reading

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No, Mr Cameron and Mrs May, you may NOT turn off Twitter.

Way back at the beginning of this year, the UK Government, along with all the rest of us, expressed horror when the Egyptian Government  turned off Twitter when protesters were using the social network to organise. Now, these were certainly … Continue reading

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>Some more good ideas from the Your Freedom site

>I’ve just been having a look around Your Freedom, the site set up at the instigation of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg where we are asked for our suggestions of unnecessary laws to repeal in the Freedom Bill to be published … Continue reading

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>The Guardian attacks Nick Clegg for being consistent

>Yesterday, as he has done since his election as leader in 2007, Nick Clegg faced a baying Labour crowd across the Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions. The only difference was that rather than putting relevant and perceptive questions to Gordon … Continue reading

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>Digital Economy Act: Get your MP to sign EDM 17

>Until a few months ago I’d never heard of Julian Huppert who won Cambridge for the Liberal Democrats in the recent election. He first came to my attention as one of the proposers of the fabulous emergency motion on the … Continue reading

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