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Alison McInnes: Scots law is not safe in the hands of the SNP

As the Scottish Parliament continues to debate the removal of corroboration from our legal system, I thought it would be a good idea to publish Alison McInnes MSP’s speech to Scottish Liberal Democrat conference in September which gives a good … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat McInnes’ loses bid to secure prisoners a vote in the independence referendum

Scotland’s referendum on independence next year is, we hope, a once in a lifetime event. If Scotland votes for independence, there is no going back. It’s a huge decision. We know from Alex Salmond’s tussle with some UK Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Should sex offenders be given lie detector tests?

There is probably no less popular group of people in this country than sex offenders. That’s unsurprising, and you certainly won’t find me with anything nice to say about them. They are, however, human beings and as such have a … Continue reading

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We should all just shut up about Bill Walker and let things take their course

Innocent until proven guilty. One of the fundamental cornerstones of our legal system. Bill Walker, MSP for Dunfermline West, has been arrested and charged in connection with allegations of domestic abuse. What’s important now is that the justice system should … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie calls for enquiry into Lockerbie prosecution

Willie Rennie used his slot at First Minister’s Questions yesterday to call for an enquiry into the way the Lockerbie prosecution was carried out. I think this is very sensible given the six concerns raised by the Scottish Criminal Cases … Continue reading

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Why do I feel uneasy about cameras covering court sentencing?

It’s been decided that the sentencing of Suzanne Pilley’s murderer, David Gilroy, will be filmed and the footage released to the media in the interests of openness and transparency. This is something that’s been welcomed by Willie Rennie, who said: … Continue reading

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Sheridan gagging order is just wrong

Tommy Sheridan, former MSP and Solidarity party leader returns to Glasgow from prison today to serve the remainder of his 3 year sentence for perjury at home. For six years, certain low risk prisoners have been eligible to be released … Continue reading

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A tale of two justice systems

Case Study Number 1 Police investigating the phone hacking scandal have arrested a number of people, including then News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks. But this hasn’t involved knocking on their door and dragging them out in front of their … Continue reading

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Should rioters lose their benefits and be sent to Afghanistan?

I would, frankly, be really offended if any regular readers thought my answer to the above question would be “yes”. We have a criminal justice system which decides the appropriate penalties for those who break our laws. We also as … Continue reading

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Why Liberal Democrats must care about burglars’ lives

Ok, here we go, another hippy leftie soft on crime blog post from a bleeding heart liberal. Actually, I’ll cheerfully own up to everything except the soft on crime bit. No, I don’t think that householders should offer a full … Continue reading

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