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Only one day left to Name the Bridge

The Forth Replacement Crossing is due to open in 2016 and the public are getting a chance to vote for its name. Voting has been open for a while now, but closes tomorrow – so if you want to have … Continue reading

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Xmas books for kids is back – please give generously

Last year, the amazing Burd led a project which raised over £3300 to buy books for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have them at Christmas. And she’s back this year. I’m sure she won’t mind me copying her words shamelessly: Last … Continue reading

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Secretive SNP’s double standards on legal advice

It won’t be long before some nationalist comes along and accuses me of smearing the SNP. That’s what tends to happen when you disagree with them or point out that they may be guilty of saying one thing and doing … Continue reading

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More on Yes Scotland’s dodgy digital dealings #yesscam

So, after my mother of all blog rants about Yes Scotland portraying its Twitter followers as supporters, and its son, in which I told you that they had at least partially climbed down by altering their site, there have been more developments … Continue reading

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Help The Burd buy books for vulnerable kids this Christmas

The charity Children 1st  aims to improve the lives of Scotland’s children by providing services to help them and speaking out for them to law and policy makers. The Scottish blogosphere’s Kate Higgins, who writes for Better Nation and her own … Continue reading

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