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We’re going to Church – to support equal marriage

It’s a wee while since I’ve been to Church. In my teens, I went a lot, as I’d become involved with a lovely group of evangelical Christians in Wick. I’d initially come to know them because they were about the … Continue reading

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Our first ever Pride

It seems ridiculous, given that I’ve been campaigning for LGBT equality for most of my adult life, but I hadn’t been to a Pride event before. I’d seen one in all its awesomeness, in London in 1992 as I was … Continue reading

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>Scottish Parliament Committee to consider Equal Marriage Petition

>When my husband and I met and fell in love 22 years ago, there was little doubt that we would eventually get married. It actually happened a lot sooner than we thought, just over a year later, and the only … Continue reading

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>Rev Kelvin Holdsworth’s speech to Edinburgh Pride

>Have a look at Scottish Episcopalian Priest Kelvin Holdsworth’s speech, from an open topped bus, to the Edinburgh Pride march yesterday, along with his reflections on the day. Kelvin has also been a Liberal Democrat candidate in the past, standing … Continue reading

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>Why shouldn’t women wear the veil? A rant about religious expression.

>Regular readers of this blog will know that I don’t have much time for organised religion, nor can I get my head round the idea that there’s a god. I used to, but I don’t any more. My view of … Continue reading

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