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Herald reveals SNP’s savage Police cuts

When I was on Brian Taylor’s Big Debate on Friday, one of the questions was on the 3000 civilian jobs expected to go after the creation of the single police force. My answer was that it was hardly responsible government … Continue reading

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In which I don’t agree with Nick – the Lockerbie bomber should be left in Libya

I do feel I need to atone slightly for writing such a truthful if toadying post about Nick Clegg’s visit to Edinburgh so in a way I’m glad he said something that I really disagree with. He’s said that he … Continue reading

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>Kenny, Cornton Vale failure is your responsibility – sort it or go

>Almost exactly two years ago, the Scottish Liberal Democrats highlighted the increase in the number of women self harming in prison. This came at around the same time as a damning inspection report on Scotland’s only women’s prison. You would … Continue reading

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>Misleading headline of the day – the Guardian on Megrahi release

>If you see a headline that says “Wikileaks Cables: Lockerbie Bomber freed after Gadaffi’s Thuggish Threats” it does sort of imply some sort of causality between the latter and the former. It implies that the Libyan Leader basically sent the … Continue reading

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>A Morning at the Pantomime – Holyrood Megrahi Debate misses the mark

>So, our Parliament gathers to scrutinise one of the biggest decisions ever taken by a Scottish Minister. Yes, the mood is going to be tense, but you would expect an air of industry, of gravity. You expect the contributions to … Continue reading

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>A tasty dish of red herring – what do the letters on Lockerbie mean?

>The Scottish Government and the UK Justice Ministry have been releasing documents relating to the release of Abdelbasset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber. The Sunday Times this week suggested that the UK Government went back on a commitment … Continue reading

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>Not in my name

>I haven’t listened to the whole proceedings from this afternoon, so I’ll need to look at the Official Report tomorrow. That’s what happens when Parliament is recalled at school chucking out time. I heard the statement and had to leave … Continue reading

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>Kenny MacAskill prepares to face his critics

>MSPs troop back to Holyrood this afternoon at 2.30pm to listen to a statement from Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill on his decision to release the Lockerbie Bomber on compassionate grounds. You can watch it live on their website As I’ve … Continue reading

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>Homecoming Tripoli style angers world

>I said in my post the other day that I hoped that Libya wouldn’t go over the top in its welcome to Abdelbasset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi when he was set free and returned to Libya. Of course that was always … Continue reading

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>MacAskill and Megrahi – the decision and the aftermath

>I have to be honest and say that I don’t envy Kenny MacAskill. The decision he has had to make on the future of Abdelbasset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber is a hard one. He faces pressure from … Continue reading

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