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Does Magpie Miliband think we’re goldfish?

I watched Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday and, to give him his due, it’s one of the best speeches I’d heard him deliver. He was much more confident and positive than he has been in the past. His delivery improved and … Continue reading

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I’ve not got much love for Ed’s Bargain Basement with the nasties in the dark corners #lab11

So, yesterday afternoon, Ed Miliband gave his first proper speech to the Labour Conference. The first, last year, was written hastily after his unexpected victory, but he’s had a bit longer to think about this one. Why, then, was last … Continue reading

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>The Ultimate in Wishful Thinking

>I’ve just seen a Facebook status update from a Labour person saying that he was wondering if the rumours were true that Barack Obama was going to address the Labour Conference tomorrow. I remember my mother once, at a time … Continue reading

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