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>Gordon Brown gets it right for once

>I don’t know what made me laugh more – the idea of Simon Cowell having his body frozen, thinking he would be doing the nation a service, when he dies in case he can be brought back to life in … Continue reading

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>Nice Irony from Brown….

>Gordon Brown says today that today’s difficult global economic situation is “no time for a novice.” Cue to shots of Miliband looking about 12 years old and to footage of Cameron looking like he’s never run anything more than a … Continue reading

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>Has Labour given up on Glenrothes?

>Tales of tension and woe in the Labour campaign in Glenrothes have been appearing in several newspapers over the last few days. Frank Roy, the MP charged with running the campaign has gone running for the hills. Apparently they are … Continue reading

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>Cairns deserts the sinking ship

>So, global markets are in turmoil. AIG looks to be following Lehmann into the graveyard of financial institutions. Millions of innocent people are suffering real financial hardship and there’s more to come as a result of inanely stupid and irresponsible … Continue reading

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>Gray Skies ahead for Labour

>It doesn’t matter what they do at the moment, but Labour just can’t seem to get it right. I suppose we should really give Iain Gray a chance, but I’m not sure he has what it takes to bring people … Continue reading

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