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Two Labour VAT policies in two years. What’ll it be next year?

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There’s always an excuse….. #lordsreform

Remember the Labservatives? That was the brilliant Liberal Democrat advertising campaign which satirised how Labour and the Conservatives collude to prevent meaningful reform. We saw it with the AV referendum. Much as though I’d prefer we just hadn’t gone there, the … Continue reading

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Lib Dem Dingwall calls for decisive action on Labour intimidation allegations

Glasgow City Council was one of the few places Labour retained a majority administration in the Scottish local elections of 2007. Those elections were the first run using the Single Transferable Vote system, introduced for local government during the second … Continue reading

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Labour MP Docherty brands Limekilns Community Council as snobs and nimbys

Thomas Docherty has courted controversy since he was elected as Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife in 2010. He certainly has a novel approach to winning friends and influencing people. First of all, he had a go at certain of … Continue reading

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Clegg’s e-mail signals start of fight back against Labour

Better watch out here – there’s a sign of some joined up thinking from ‘them indoors’ in the Westminster Bubble. Hot on the heels of Nick Clegg’s mostly successful interview on Andrew Marr this morning an e-mail appears from him … Continue reading

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How very dare you, Joan McAlpine!

 I make absolutely no apology for saying that the Liberals, the Labour Party and the Tories are anti-Scottish in coming together to defy the will of the Scottish people and the democratic mandate that they gave us to hold a … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy in action…Labour’s record on lobbying in pictures.

The Masterclass on hypocrisy, started by Labour in May 2010, continues. Before you think I’ve found some artistic skill – but no, you would never believe that, this was made by Liberal Democrat member Paul Wild, based on information provided … Continue reading

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Alasdair Allan needs lessons in prioritising his to do list.

So, Alasdair Allan, Scottish Schools minister has decided that our kids need lessons in Scottish Studies to make sure they learn about their culture and history. To be fair, he may have a point. I know my education is some … Continue reading

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I’ve not got much love for Ed’s Bargain Basement with the nasties in the dark corners #lab11

So, yesterday afternoon, Ed Miliband gave his first proper speech to the Labour Conference. The first, last year, was written hastily after his unexpected victory, but he’s had a bit longer to think about this one. Why, then, was last … Continue reading

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Labour are finished until they lose their sense of entitlement to people’s votes #lab11

Labour MP for Glasgow South Tom Harris took his book promotion tour  Scottish leadership campaign to Good Morning Scotland today. He may well be talking the talk about how rubbish Labour have been recently, and how they need to change, … Continue reading

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