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>Scrutinising the Liberal Democrats

>As the Liberal Democrat poll surge continues, panicked spin doctors from Labour and Tory have been heard muttering darkly about the need for more scrutiny of the Liberal Democrats. In reality, that’s actually pretty easy.If ever a party wore its … Continue reading

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>Help the Labservatives choose their next Cabinet

>The Labservatives are pretty sure that they will remain in power. I mean, to them, it’s a fairly safe bet. They’ve chalked up 65 years of scandal, war and recession so I guess you can understand such rampant complacency. However, … Continue reading

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>Watch out, the Labservatives are about!

>What’s that old French phrase, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose – basically shorthand for things just stay the same. A bit like the last 65 years in British politics! Today the Labservatives sprung into action with their … Continue reading

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