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Please say we’re not a nation of tricoteuses – the appalling coverage of Gaddafi’s death

Before I start, don’t think for one moment that I will be shedding any tears for Muammar al-Gaddafi. He was a thoroughly nasty, cruel, manipulative man who cared little for the lives of innocent people, whether his own citizens or … Continue reading

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Libya: Let’s not forget the women

I have to say that it is very good to see that Col Gaddafi and his Green Book appear to be on a very shoogly peg this morning. Why Tony Blair ever thought it was a good idea to bring … Continue reading

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>Amnesty urges action on Eman Al-Obaidi

>I wrote the other day about the plight of Eman Al-Obaidi, the woman bundled off by Libyan Government thugs after alleging she’d been gang raped by 15 of Gadaffi’s militia. She hasn’t been seen in over a week and has … Continue reading

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>Eman Al-Obeidi: international community must take action on rape and other violence against women

>We still don’t know what has become of Eman Al-Obeidi, the woman who burst into a Tripoli hotel last weekend to tell journalists that she had been gang raped by 15 Gadaffi soldiers at a checkpoint. Ms Al-Obeidi, who comes … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s e-mail on Libya – and why I tentatively support the international action

>This e-mail from Nick Clegg was sent to Party members before the air strikes on Libya began last night but I thought I’d post it anyway.I am worried about the action and I just hope that it will save and … Continue reading

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>Will David Cameron make it to Scottish Tory Conference?

>So, David Cameron is supposed to be coming up north to address the Scottish Tory Conference in Perth – presumably in the same place that Nick Clegg addressed the Scottish Liberal Democrats a fortnight ago. I wonder if he’ll still … Continue reading

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>Sinister speech by Saif Gadaffi threatens brutal endgame

>I had fully intended to go to bed early last night. Listening to the brutal ramblings of a deluded despot’s son. Yet at 11pm, which would have been 1am in Tripoli, I found myself transfixed by the 40 minute speech, … Continue reading

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