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Why can’t people just clean up after themselves?

Howden Park, Livingston, last Monday morning, so I’m told, looked like a total wreck. People walking their dogs were horrified that those who had been sunbathing and having picnics in the park in the weekend sunshine  had just walked away … Continue reading

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>Last day of free parking in The Centre, Livingston – help save shop workers from £40 per month charge

>Imagine if you were suddenly hit with an extra £40 a month charge that you weren’t expecting. How would you cope with that? In this climate, when many haven’t had a pay rise and costs are rising seemingly exponentially? From … Continue reading

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>3 ways you can say no to £40 a month parking charge for Livingston’s Centre shop workers

>Land Securities, the company which owns The Centre shopping mall in Livingston, is, as I’ve written about over the last couple of days, about to introduce car parking charges for the first time. I know it’s very unusual to find … Continue reading

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>Livingston Centre Staff Parking: The Centre’s side of the story

> You’ll remember yesterday that I wrote about the extra  £40 a month many low paid shop workers in Livingston are being asked to pay for parking from next week. That sum is equivalent to many of them working roughly … Continue reading

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>Livingston shop workers face huge parking cost

>Shop workers, let’s face it, don’t get paid an awful lot of money. Their already meagre incomes are being stretched far enough at the moment. Spare a thought for the shop workers in Livingston’s shopping centre who have been told … Continue reading

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>Jim Devine found guilty: an inglorious end to a chaotic career

>Before I start, let me do a bit of a Nick Ross thing. Remember at the end of Crimewatch every month he used to say that crime was actually really rare and tell us to sleep easy.  Well, that’s just … Continue reading

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>Children forced to walk in road because of icy pavements round schools in Livingston

>It’s now more than a week since the last major snowfall in Livingston, yet paths round schools have not yet been made safe. The snow has thawed a bit and refrozen, meaning that the pavements are now covered in treacherous … Continue reading

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>Abandoned cars causing havoc in Livingston

>Now that we’ve reached the balmy heights of 5 degrees, I finally got brave and ventured out to drive Anna to school this morning. Regular readers will know how utterly rubbish I am as far as snow and ice are … Continue reading

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>Dog Poo bins needed on Nellburn Path, Livingston

>Friends of our’s have recently bought a gorgeous puppy. She is the cutest thing you could ever imagine and she’s loved by everyone who comes into contact with her. Her family are responsible and ensure that they clean up whatever … Continue reading

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>West Lothian House No More!

> It’s the end of an era in Livingston as the old Council HQ, West Lothian House, is being systematically demolished as I write. The photo was taken at around 3 this afternoon. I have to say that it’s one … Continue reading

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