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>Of Motherhood and Mother’s Day

>So the furtive looks between my daughter and her father and conspiratorial stage whispering of the last few days are at an end. At just before 10 this morning, Anna jumped on the bed bearing gifts and a huge pile … Continue reading

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>Comic Relief 2009 – the Funniest Bits and David Tennant’s Backside

>Seeing as many of my friends are away in Perth this weekend, I thought I’d do a wee guide to Comic Relief for them to watch on their return so all they have to do is collapse their weary, hungover … Continue reading

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>Louis Walsh seeks £1.3 million for next X Factor

>The papers have been full of X Factor Judge speculation for weeks. First Dannii’s out and Posh is in, then Lily and Charlotte are supposedly scrapping for a place at the judging table – the facts, ie Charlotte’s blatant denial … Continue reading

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>X Factor’s Louis Walsh helps Children’s Charity

>Credit where it’s due, it’s good to see that much and often unfairly maligned X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has a heart. It’s amazing what random stuff you find on the internet when you’re looking for something completely different. Anyway, … Continue reading

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>More Tabloid Hypocrisy…..

>So, not surprisingly, the Sun adopted a censorious and outraged tone over the Prince Harry incident. That’s right, the Sun was going all politically correct on us. This is, of course, the same paper that publishes semi naked pictures of … Continue reading

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