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Dancing Queen, carnations and Nick Clegg – a snippet of the Equal Marriage vigil

I had half wanted to come down to London with Anna yesterday to be outside the House of Lords when the Same Sex Marriage Bill cleared its final hurdle there.We decided against it as we’ve been away so much recently, … Continue reading

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Lynne Featherstone’s message for International Women’s Day #IWD

 DFID Minister Lynne Featherstone has been in New York this week at the UN working with other countries to tackle violence against women. There’s a nifty map which shows exactly where our money is helping women across the world. This … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg in Africa – a missed opportunity?

Nick Clegg and Lynne Featherstone went to Africa this week. Shortly after he picked up every banana skin left for him at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions by Labour and the incomparable Peter Bone, and lobbed them back with vigour, he … Continue reading

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Lynne Featherstone calls for Julie Burchill to be sacked for post attacking transgender people

As Equalities Minister, Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone put into place the Government’s Transgender Action Plan. She will be acutely aware of the issues facing transgender people, particularly in relation to violence and discrimination. Hate crime towards that community has been rising as … Continue reading


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Crockart and Featherstone sign No More Page 3 letter to Sun editor

The success of the No More Page 3 campaign continues with the petition having crossed the 40,000 signature milestone last night. The organisers have now drafted a letter to the Sun editor Dominic Mohan for MPs to sign. Dear Dominic Mohan, … Continue reading

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Is Equal Marriage under threat?

A consequence of the reshuffles north and south of the border is that the two ministers responsible for delivering same sex marriage has changed. You may remember my fit of pique the other day at the precious equalities portfolio being handed … Continue reading

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For heaven’s sake, Nick, what were you thinking, letting the Tories have equalities?

I am livid beyond belief this evening. There is much in the Government reshuffle to be annoyed about, but what has sent me into the stratosphere of mega pissed-offness is that for some reason our mainly white privileged middle aged … Continue reading

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Lynne Featherstone e-mails members on how Liberal Democrats are delivering for women

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. An event often not truly celebrated by our party because nobody has thought to do anything about it. Until now. I was jumping around my kitchen in delight at receiving an e-mail from our Equalities … Continue reading

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Lynne Featherstone writes about equal marriage

Lynne Featherstone graces the pages of the Telegraph yesterday. I’m sure that some of their more socially conservative readers choked on their English Breakfast tea, but her article is definitely worth reading. The photo of Lynne the editor has chosen, … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg, you can’t go on about diversity and continue to pass over women

What a rubbish week this has been. Nothing has been as bad for me as the passage of the Welfare Reform Bill, a true nadir in the life of this Government, but it’s not good to see one of your … Continue reading

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