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>Why Nadine Dorries is wrong – aka Twitter saved my sanity

>Spidey and Andrew have already taken Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries to task for her ill informed comments about Twitter. Just to remind you, the lady thinks there must be something wrong with you if you tweet a … Continue reading

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>An Alternative Vote and Gerrymandering Round Up

>Labour’s behaviour over the Government’s plans for electoral reform has infuriated me. It’s as if they think that shouting loud and using nasty words like gerrymandering will make mud stick particularly to the Liberal Democrats. Well, it’s no substitute for … Continue reading

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>The Guardian attacks Nick Clegg for being consistent

>Yesterday, as he has done since his election as leader in 2007, Nick Clegg faced a baying Labour crowd across the Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions. The only difference was that rather than putting relevant and perceptive questions to Gordon … Continue reading

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>Mephedrone kills kids – it should be banned, right?

>It’s always horrible to read of young people suddenly dying for any reason. As the mother of a girl who no doubt will at some point in the next decade go out clubbing with her friends, I read with horror … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday to Mark Reckons

>Yet another November birthday today, but not one we can put down to a fun Valentine’s Day. Mark Reckons is one year old today, although it feels like he’s been round for ever. I mean that in a good way … Continue reading

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>Keeping children safe – sign Downing Street Petition against new vetting and barring system

>As you’ll be aware, many of us in the Liberal Democrat blogosphere and beyond have been very concerned about the Government’s plans to vet every volunteer who comes into contact with children. I, as the most over-anxious mum on the … Continue reading

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>Keeping Children Safe – an update and round up of reaction

>I wrote this piece the other day about the new requirements to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority for anyone who volunteers with children’s groups. While this requirement to register for volunteers doesn’t yet apply in Scotland, it soon will. … Continue reading

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>Happy Third Birthday to Caron’s Musings

>I knew when I posted earlier about Granny that I’d done one of the first posts on here about her. What I’d forgotten was that it was in fact the second post, and it was written exactly 3 years ago … Continue reading

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