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Here be many spoilers, so if you haven’t watched The Time of the Doctor, do not read any further

I’ve watched it twice now. And I think I probably need to watch it a few more times before I properly understand it. I can’t come out and say that I loved last night’s Doctor Who Christmas special. That was … Continue reading

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The unveiling of the new Doctor goes primetime

Sometimes you just wish that secrets could be kept. The surprise of a reveal of the new Doctor’s face at the end of the Christmas special would have been immense. But, sadly, all it would take would be a tweeted … Continue reading

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30 Day Doctor Who Challenge – Day 1

I wasn’t looking for something else to blog about right now, because there is so much else I have in my great big long list of Things I Must Get Round to Writing About. However, I am only slightly cursing … Continue reading

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>Tears before bedtime – beautiful CBBC tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

>The BBC have excelled themselves tonight with a stellar assault on my emotions. First there was the rollercoaster ride that was the season opener of the new Doctor Who series- of which more probably tomorrow – and immediately afterwards, on … Continue reading

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>David Tennant: An Apology

>Dear David It’s barely 3 months since your last episode of Doctor Who when, in common with many others, I said it would take me a good couple of years to get used to anyone else in the role you … Continue reading

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>Spoilers: The Disappointment of David Tennant’s Doctor Who Farewell

>I’m fairly certain that it was one of the wise and greatly missed Conrad Russell’s maxims that you should read something three times before you react to it. Having acknowledged the wisdom of such a course of action, I am … Continue reading

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>Dull look for new Doctor Who

>I’m not quite sure what I expected Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor to look like, but I certainly expected something a bit quirkier and edgier than this. I can’t really see the Grand Moff making the Doctor in any … Continue reading

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>Who the hell is Matt Smith?

>Wow. That was a bit of a shocker. I was getting so annoyed with the build up, though. Any other time, you would love to see these old clips of previous doctors and episodes, but there came a point when … Continue reading

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