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Actually, ASDA, apologising for that "mental patient" Hallowe’en costume is not enough

So, ASDA thought it was a good idea to put up a gruesome Hallowe’en outfit and bill it as a “mental patient’s” outfit. Gee, thanks. That sort of stereotype of people with mental health problems is why I lost my … Continue reading

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"Just listen. You could change a life" See Me Scotland launches new campaign to encourage conversation on mental health

Two guys on a golf course. But they aren’t talking about football or beer. It quickly becomes clear that one has been an absolute lifeline to the other, helping him through a period of mental ill health, encouraging him out … Continue reading

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A disturbing experience….

As I left Wahaca, warm and replete the other night, I stopped to Foursquare in (you can’t inside as it’s in the basement). I heard  voice behind me asking if those were avocados in the window. I turned to see … Continue reading

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Parental leave and mental health feature in Nick’s third Letter from the Leader

I’ve dealt already with my concerns about the first paragraph, but the rest of Nick’s third Letter from the Leader was exactly what we need to hear from him. He’s long been passionate about making sure people with mental health … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg writes on Netmums blog about Post Natal Depression

We know our leader is passionate about ending the stigma associated with mental health problems and in making sure people have access to decent treatment. He understands the issues involved and it’s an issue he talks about a lot. Poor … Continue reading

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18 months to wait for treatment for an acute condition is way too long

In some ways it’s good Matt J McLaren didn’t get called to speak at Liberal Democrat conference in the mental health debate. He might not have published his speech on his blog if he had been. And these are remarks … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg and Paul Burstow’s 3 steps for employers on mental health

Cross posted from Liberal Democrat Voice Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s long running work on mental health issues took another step forward this week with the publication of a mental health implementation framework aimed at helping people suffering from mental … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg writes about his efforts to improve mental health in the Sunday Express

Nick Clegg has long championed mental health issues and he made sure that an extra £400 million has been put into the most effective talking therapies. That’s already made a difference to over half a million people.  Yesterday he wrote … Continue reading

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The day Nick Clegg made me cry and other personal tales – over at Ellen’s Mental Health Carnival

Ellen, over at In a Bun Dance, is doing something very important today. She is hosting a Mental Health Carnival, where she posts contributions from bloggers who have faced the particular challenges that mental health conditions throw at you. She’s … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg announces new funding and services for mental health – a personal account of why this will save lives

>Nick Clegg made me cry today. In a good way. His announcement of an extra £400 million of ring fenced funding to help people with Depression and Anxiety, with specific emphasis for children and veterans is another example of Liberal Democrat … Continue reading

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