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Only 12 days left to have your say on UK Government independence referendum consultation

In January, you might remember Michael Moore, the Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland (never get tired of hearing that one) launched the UK Government’s consultation on the proposed independence referendum. That was the night that Alex Salmond turned … Continue reading

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SNP’s "take out the trash day" concession

Good news this evening – the SNP have announced that they accept that the Electoral Commission should oversee the independence referendum. It’s a welcome concession from them, made easier by the reasonableness of Michael Moore, who made it clear he … Continue reading

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Mike Moore launches independence consultation in statesmanlike Commons statement

Today belongs to Michael Moore. After a torrid few days on the Scottish political scene, he told the House of Commons this afternoon that he was launching a consultation aimed at “empowering the people of Scotland to participate in a … Continue reading

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Reasonable Rennie remembers who actually matters in the referendum

What an awful 48 hours we’ve had in Scotland. We should really be talking about the heartbreaking and appalling report on child poverty this morning. We should be bringing forth our ideas and listening to people who know what they’re … Continue reading

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Michael Moore – handy with a hoover, a pie and a cello

I can’t let the Festive Season go by with out posting this hilarious cartoon Christmas card, featuring Michael Moore, Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable and Chris Huhne as elves. It makes me howl with laughter every single time….. Thanks … Continue reading

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Michael Moore tells Liberal Democrat Conference: we’re building a fair, free, green Scotland

Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore gave his keynote speech to Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham.  He talked about the rugby world cup, for too long for my liking, but never mind, and then outlined what the Coalition has … Continue reading

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Mike Moore’s tribute to Andrew Reeves

“He could be the grumpiest guy on earth, but he had a laugh that would have filled the O2  arena”That sounds like our Andrew, doesn’t it? When Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore gave the tribute at Andrew Reeves’ … Continue reading

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>Mike Moore is right on a second referendum

>I am really delighted to see that Secretary of State for Scotland Mike Moore has stated that there should be a second referendum on the terms of an independence settlement. I’m not easily scared. Actually, scrap that, I’m terrified of … Continue reading

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>Are Lib Dems briefing against their own Scottish Secretary?

>You’d think so, reading today’s Scotsman,who says that Lib Dems in Scotland are plotting to oust Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore.It says that Liberal Democrat sources have told the Scotsman that they want to push forward our plans for … Continue reading

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>Protesters at Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference refuse to meet with Mike Moore and Danny Alexander

>I have to confess to more than a slight annoyance at the lack of coverage of the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference in today’s press. A couple of articles in Scotland on Sunday and the Herald barely scratch the surface of … Continue reading

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