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>Guest Post: Hugh O’Donnell MSP’s final report from the Middle East

>This is my last from the Middle East, Amman Airport to be exact.  Jericho where the Israelis will rebuild the wall If I have learned anything from this trip it is that the Israeli Government and the Quartet have no … Continue reading

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>Clegg calls for EU action against Israel over Gaza

>Glad to see that our leader, Nick Clegg, is urging the EU to suspend a proposed co-operation deal with Israel. It would be a start and a major signal that a significant body of international opinion opposes Israel’s continued and … Continue reading

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>Middle East Peace Protests in Scotland this weekend

>For all who are interested in the cause of Middle East peace, there are demonstrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow this weekend. We hope to be going to the Edinburgh one, depending on how Bob is, to show our opposition to … Continue reading

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>If it were anyone else but Israel……………

>….carryng out airstrikes, killing innocent civilians, there would be talk of military intervention, UN resolutions, sanctions, possible invasion and war, lines in the sand and “this will not stand.” Why do they always get away with it? I’m not sticking … Continue reading

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