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Mike Moore described as Westminster’s answer to James Bond

It’s been a while since Scottish Liberal Democrats have had much in the way of positive press coverage. This week has seen a bit of a bumper crop, though. First, there was the Why we need the Lib Dems article … Continue reading

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Michael Moore MP tells Marr: Both Governments have met their objectives over Independence Referendum

Michael Moore MP, the Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland has just been on the Andrew Marr show talking about the deal brokered between Scotland’s two governments over the Independence Referendum. The two people conducting the negotiations, Mike and … Continue reading

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Mike Moore on tax, the independence referendum and beach volleyball

Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has been talking to the London Evening Standard about such subjects as varied as beach volleyball, the independence referendum and taxes. On the latter, he was clear where Liberal Democrat priorities for the … Continue reading

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There are worse things than the Chicken Pox, Michael Moore

12th September 1995. I woke on what was already going to be an ordeal of a day, headed for the bathroom and as I passed the mirror realised that I spots were appearing all over me, almost multiplying before my … Continue reading

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Mike Moore heads for Brazil to boost Scottish Business

The first thing I did when I heard that Scottish Secretary Mike Moore was heading to Brazil this past weekend was to fire off a strongly worded e-mail to a member of his staff which went roughly along the lines … Continue reading

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Youth unemployment figures highlight need for more college places – support Willie Rennie’s campaign

Hardly a day goes by at the moment without me hearing about some friend or family member’s job being in danger. Knowing what I know about the welfare system in this country, I am fully aware that it doesn’t provide … Continue reading

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Write to Lords to change Welfare Reform Bill – my message to the RNIB Fringe meeting at Conference

Last Saturday at Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference in Dunfermline, I was honoured to be asked to speak at a fringe held by RNIB Scotland on the impact of the Welfare Reform Bill on disabled people.  I was also really nervous … Continue reading

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"Caron writes a scurrilous and trashy blog…………….."

……………..said the Secretary of State for Scotland. So scurrilous and trashy, he went on to say, that it was even prepared to interview him. Mike Moore was chairing RNIB Scotland’s fringe meeting on the Welfare Reform Bill at Scottish Liberal … Continue reading

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Mike Moore on Motorsport

There are definitely some perks to being a Government minister. And we do seem to have our fair share of petrol heads in our party. Remember last year, when Vince Cable got to drive an Aston Martin and a chocolate … Continue reading

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Interview: Mike Moore MP – Action in Government, ideas for the future

It can’t be much fun being Alex Salmond these days.  The euphoria of May has subsided, and he’s  realised that there’s nobody else to blame for his majority Government’s actions.  On top of that, wherever he looks, he sees the … Continue reading

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