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Call this a Scottish breakfast, John Lewis? What are you thinking?

So, it’s the first day in post apocalyptic Britain. We all seem to have survived the end of the world, so we can now look forward to a bright future, where we’re all nice to each other, live in peace … Continue reading

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>The Elephant tries to #Riggtheelection

>If you do nothing else today, you have to read the lovely Elephant’s reasoning for backing Jennie Rigg for President. Just for starters, I love his scale of preference: It OUGHT to be, and yet it’s actually really easy to … Continue reading

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>David Miliband just doesn’t get gender equality

>Labour leadership candidate David Miliband has been boasting on Twitter about his five point plan for gender equality. Well three of the five points are internal Labour Party stuff, and the other two involve Parliament’s working hours and nicking our policy … Continue reading

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>An Alternative Vote and Gerrymandering Round Up

>Labour’s behaviour over the Government’s plans for electoral reform has infuriated me. It’s as if they think that shouting loud and using nasty words like gerrymandering will make mud stick particularly to the Liberal Democrats. Well, it’s no substitute for … Continue reading

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>In which my vile day was brightened by an elephant

>I have not had a good day. The bits of it I have been awake for have been vile. But mostly I have been sleeping. I got up to pick Anna up from school and then spent some time working. … Continue reading

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>Confident Clegg launches #LibDems manifesto built on fairness for extraordinary people

>And who exactly is extraordinary – in Nick’s words “every single person”. I can’t begin to describe how hideously bad I’m feeling so this is going to be more of a series of bullet points rather than an attempt at … Continue reading

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>Scots do well on Lib Dem Blog Award Shortlists

>Those nice people at Lib Dem Voice have been messing with the fragile and egotistical heads of we bloggers over the last few days. They’ve been teasing us with hints of secrets for days on Twitter, whipping us into an … Continue reading

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