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>Anna sings Defying Gravity – the best Mother’s Day present ever

>Over the last few days, Anna’s made it clear to me that she really doesn’t want to bother with Mother’s Day this year. She said she just basically thought it was a waste of time. She said that it wasn’t … Continue reading

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>On Mother’s Day

>I always find it almost unfair that I not only get to be the mummy of a lovely, funny, quirky, confident, individual little girl, but that once a year I get presents for that too. While I really appreciate the … Continue reading

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>Of Motherhood and Mother’s Day

>So the furtive looks between my daughter and her father and conspiratorial stage whispering of the last few days are at an end. At just before 10 this morning, Anna jumped on the bed bearing gifts and a huge pile … Continue reading

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>Happy Mother’s Day

>I have suffered a grade 1 assault on my emotions in the run-up to Mother’s Day. First came the Brownies Posh Pink Party on Wednesday. Mums were invited along and served with juice, cake, songs and poems from our talented … Continue reading

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