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>If David Laws were Labour or Tory or SNP

>…….believe me, I would be saying exactly the same as I am now. If you don’t believe me, I am pretty soft hearted and my reaction to Gordon Brown’s wee faux pas with Gillian Duffy was to want to give … Continue reading

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>Have your say on MPs’ Expenses and make sure constituents count!

>Yes, I know I said light, but I thought it was worth flagging up to you that there’s a consultation going on here by the body which now runs MPs’ Expenses. They want to know what we all think about what … Continue reading

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>Tom Harris, IPSA & a reminder of how the Labour Government treated people

>Tom Harris has been writing fairly extensively in recent weeks about the problems he and others have experienced with the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. On some issues, I agree with him – I really don’t see why MPs should … Continue reading

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>Why I support David Laws

>David Laws and I are about as far apart in our political thinking as it’s possible to get within the Liberal Democrats. The Orange Book, for which he was one of the prime authors, makes me shudder at its very … Continue reading

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>The MP’s Expenses that worry me the most

>You’ll know that while I’ve been exasperated at the lack of transparency in the MPs’ expenses system and the unholy conspiracy between Labour and Tory MPs over the years to keep information secret, I generally think that MPs are mostly … Continue reading

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>If you read nothing else today…..

>the wonderful Mr Quist has got it spot on with this post about how people expect so much from their MPs but don’t want to pay for it. LibDig This!

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>Three Questions for Eric Joyce MP on his expenses

>It wasn’t surprising to find that the UK’s most expensive MP came from Scotland – I mean if you look at places as far flung as Orkney and Shetland, the Western Isles and the vast highland constituencies, travelling between London … Continue reading

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>Could there be another by-election in Livingston?

>The underlying assumption to this is that Gordon Brown survives whatever level of disaster the voters visited him and the Labour Party when they voted on Thursday and is able to persuade his backbench Labour turkeys not to vote for … Continue reading

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>Steamin’ at Steamie for Swinson Story

>I am currently engulfed in a fury unrivalled in its intensity at the Scotsman’s political blog, The Steamie, for its shameless referral to the Telegraph’s inaccurate claims that Jo Swinson claimed for make up on her expenses. This comes on … Continue reading

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>Ming Campbell turns down huge profit to save taxpayer money

>I have to confess that I did do a bit of a tut tut when I first heard that Ming Campbell had had a designer sort out his London flat on expenses. It was only a very small tut tut, … Continue reading

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