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Murdo Fraser’s Mona Lisa retweet

I am severely unimpressed with Murdo Fraser, Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife. He’s been pretty robust with someone who criticised him on Twitter today, saying: What mindless pathetic individuals you are. Begone trolls. Now, I know that politicians … Continue reading

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In full – the self-induced humiliation of a First Minister

I knew when I read the Official Report of yesterday’s proceedings in the Scottish Parliament that I’d enjoy it probably more than I should. I will admit to a bit of schadenfreude at the uber-smug Alex Salmond coming a fairly … Continue reading

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I can see why Tory split idea makes sense to Murdo Fraser, even if it is daft for the rest of us

Well, Murdo Fraser has had more publicity than he’s ever had in his life over the past 3 days with his controversial plan to kill off the Tory Party in Scotland, and create another party whose MPs would vote with … Continue reading

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>Tories call the Kerr-tle black

>There seems to be a bit of a fuss about SNP candidate for Glasgow North East David Kerr’s membership of Opus Dei. Now, I’d find it very difficult to vote for anyone who was pro life and anti gay rights, … Continue reading

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