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We know the Daily Mail gets politics wrong all the time – but you’d think Strictly would be simple enough for them to understand

The Daily Fail website recycles a Total Politics interview with Nadine Dorries in which she’s as predictable as ever. I particularly like the way she describes, in the original interview, the Liberal Democrats as “more left wing than Labour” and … Continue reading

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And so it begins…Nadine Dorries to be buried with beasties

Well, there’s a surprise. Errant Conservative MP Nadine Dorries was voted by the great British public – including what seemed to be fairly sizable proportion of political types on Twitter. Tonight, for our entertainment, she will be buried for 10 … Continue reading

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I’m feeling a bit sorry for Nadine Dorries…….

…..which I know is not going to be popular view, but I suspect the next week is going to showcase some not very attractive facets of the mob mentality that sometimes arises around these reality tv shows. Almost 10 years … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg does PMQs – the tweets

Nick Clegg did Prime Minister’s Questions today while David Cameron is schmoozing his way round the Middle East. He was so assured, confident and natural and spoke completely without notes. He even answered the question he was given and not … Continue reading

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Angry with Jeremy Hunt’s views on abortion? Here’s something constructive you can do…

There’s been a bit of a drama this morning about the fact that Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has expressed his views that there should be a 12 week time limit on abortions. The Independent reports that in a Times … Continue reading

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Lords Reform dropped? Sulk a bit, then carry on…

So, if the Guardian is to be be believed, David Cameron is about to drop Lords Reform because there is no way to get it past the right wingers in his party who all stood for election in a manifesto … Continue reading

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There’s always an excuse….. #lordsreform

Remember the Labservatives? That was the brilliant Liberal Democrat advertising campaign which satirised how Labour and the Conservatives collude to prevent meaningful reform. We saw it with the AV referendum. Much as though I’d prefer we just hadn’t gone there, the … Continue reading

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Dorries accuses Evan Harris of blackmail!

I am so glad that Nadine Dorries’ amendments on abortion counselling failed so spectacularly yesterday, with even the co-sponsor Frank Field distancing himself from them. The Burd came up with a cracking, if chilling phrase to describe Dorries’ proposal: it … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries confronts Cameron about too much Liberal Democrat influence in Government #PMQs

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. I doubt, to be honest, that Nadine Dorries manages twice a day, but she made Prime Minister’s Questions worth watching today. I’ll get the Hansard quote later, but the basic … Continue reading

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>I agree with Nadine Dorries!

>Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Today, reports that Nadine Dorries said the following at a Conservative Party conference fringe meeting: “In my own perspective, and speaking in no other capacity but as an individual, I would rather … Continue reading

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