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Willie Rennie: Murdoch says "Jump", Alex Salmond says "How high?"

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has said that First Minister Alex Salmond has been sullied by James Murdoch’s revelations at the Leveson Enquiry. Amongst e-mails filed for the Enquiry to consider, one from Frederic Michel, News International’s … Continue reading

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Sky’s Eamonn Holmes uses Twitter to crow over BBC about Amy Winehouse’s death

There are times when advertising and opportunism are completely inappropriate. In matters relating to someone’s death, for example. A series of tweets from Sky Sunrise presenter and all round cheeky chappie presenter type Eamonn Holmes showed brash insensitivity in the … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat MPs must ensure Murdoch BSkyB bid is delayed

I wrote yesterday about my initial reaction to the phone hacking scandal. I now want to turn my attention to the future of News International’s plans to take over B Sky B which looked likely to go ahead from Conservative … Continue reading

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Back from holiday. Have I missed anything…………?

So, I’m back from my week’s break in the highlands refreshed and  relaxed. It’s normally quite quiet this time of year so I expect nothing much to have happened.  Just off out to buy a News of the World to … Continue reading

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