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Good to see free NHS 111 number promoted

I was pleased  today to see Alex Neil  promoting that ringing NHS 24 is going to be free in a few months’ time, using the NHS non emergency number 111. This makes an awful lot more sense than the Police chief … Continue reading

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So, evil government to deny women pain relief in labour, right?

Cross posted from Liberal Democrat Voice  “Doctors told to try and talk women out of epidurals to save NHS money” screamed yesterday’s Daily Mail headline.  I could understand women reading that and being outraged and terrified. Fortunately, this being the Mail, the … Continue reading

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Some words of advice for Nick Clegg

I imagine that Nick Clegg might well be feeling a bit irritated right now, especially if he’s read   the Liberal Democrat Voice survey which shows his overall approval rating at an all time low of 16% among the members who … Continue reading

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The leadership’s three major blunders on the NHS Bill

Before we even start, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, Nick Clegg is, for me, a great leader who’s led us into Government and who’s making huge chunks of Lib Dem policy a helpful reality. I believe in … Continue reading

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Let’s unite behind Shirley Williams’ NHS motion #ldconf

I adore Shirley Williams, always have, always will. She’s one of my political heroines. The way she has fought for women’s rights and helped emerging democracies to develop shows a truly liberal and compassionate spirit. So that’s my declaration of … Continue reading

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Clegg: "We must be bolder on fairer taxes but we’re winning the argument"

Nick Clegg was interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning and, as has become my tradition, I’ve tweeted my way through it and preserved my commentary for you all to read. He came across very well in the interview. You see, … Continue reading

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>Shirley Williams happy with Lib Dem wins on NHS reforms

>Shirley Williams used an article in the Independent yesterday to express her satisfaction with the changes the Liberal Democrats have brought to bear on Coalition’s NHS reforms. She is satisfied that the changes will reflect the spirit of the motion … Continue reading

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>Doctor Evan Harris needs you to sign his petition re NHS reforms……..

>I have signed up to Evan’s petition. I know I live in Scotland where we are as likely as snow in July to adopt the sort of reforms being proposed by the Tory bit of the Westminster coalition, but I … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg talks NHS reform and social mobility on BBC Breakfast

>I’ve just seen Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg talk about “substantive changes” ahead for the Government’s NHS reforms on BBC Breakfast which will follow the delay in the legislative process announced yesterday by Andrew Lansley. Clegg is taking an enormous … Continue reading

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>Anyone care to convince me that NHS reforms are more than all kinds of scary?

>There are lots of many wonderful things about living in Scotland. I love being back here amongst fabulous scenery, wonderful cities, an education system which I still think trumps the English system in a long way and, most importantly, it’s … Continue reading

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