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First reactions to #whitepaper on independence and three initial questions from me

For months, years, even, whenever we’ve asked questions about independence, after we’ve been accused of scaremongering, we’ve been told to wait for the White Paper. Well, that wait is over as the White Paper has now been published – or is … Continue reading

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Do you agree that the SNP should do what the Electoral Commission says?

See what I did there? That headline is a bit of a leading question. It certainly isn’t, in my view at least, neutral. It invites the reader  to answer “Yes.” Had I said “Should the SNP do what the Electoral … Continue reading

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Good to see free NHS 111 number promoted

I was pleased  today to see Alex Neil  promoting that ringing NHS 24 is going to be free in a few months’ time, using the NHS non emergency number 111. This makes an awful lot more sense than the Police chief … Continue reading

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The SNP and Freedom of Information

In 2002, the Scottish Parliament passed freedom of information legislation that was much more robust than that passed by Labour in London. Want to take a wild guess why? That’s what Lib Dem coalition partners do. The then SNP opposition … Continue reading

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Michael Moore MP tells Marr: Both Governments have met their objectives over Independence Referendum

Michael Moore MP, the Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland has just been on the Andrew Marr show talking about the deal brokered between Scotland’s two governments over the Independence Referendum. The two people conducting the negotiations, Mike and … Continue reading

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Mike Moore tells Liberal Democrat Conference: UK family is stronger together

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland  gave a keynote address to the Liberal Democrat Conference today. It was every bit as measured and reasonable as you might expect from him. It’s good to see that there’s been progress to … Continue reading

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Secretive SNP’s double standards on legal advice

It won’t be long before some nationalist comes along and accuses me of smearing the SNP. That’s what tends to happen when you disagree with them or point out that they may be guilty of saying one thing and doing … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond booed, twice, but why don’t we hear so much about it?

Yesterday, my wonderful niece Laura and her boyfriend John celebrated her 20th birthday by heading into Glasgow to see Scottish Olympians and Paralympians parade through the city. They had a great time, and were bursting with pride to see the … Continue reading

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Wee Nippy? How very dare you, Alan Cochrane?

It’s been a few hours now since I first saw the headline in Alan Cochrane’s column in the Telegraph today. “Wee Nippy’s role may signal big changes in strategy”. I wondered who Wee Nippy was. Could it be some cartoon … Continue reading

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Is Equal Marriage under threat?

A consequence of the reshuffles north and south of the border is that the two ministers responsible for delivering same sex marriage has changed. You may remember my fit of pique the other day at the precious equalities portfolio being handed … Continue reading

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