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Alex Salmond booed, twice, but why don’t we hear so much about it?

Yesterday, my wonderful niece Laura and her boyfriend John celebrated her 20th birthday by heading into Glasgow to see Scottish Olympians and Paralympians parade through the city. They had a great time, and were bursting with pride to see the … Continue reading

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My daughter’s Twitter "reign of terror"

Weeks ago, I got an email from Premier Inn advertising very, very cheap rooms. I decided to book one for a quick night away during our two week holiday. We’re spending the time at home mainly because we wanted to … Continue reading

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Rennie calls SNP amateurs over £400,000 Olympic vanity project

Remember last week I told you how Alex Salmond had blown £400,000 of our hard earned taxes on an extension of his ego in Pall Mall to promote Scotland during the Olympics? Great, except that they could have had home … Continue reading

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My top ten highlights of the Olympics so far…

If you’ve been following my updates on Twitter or Facebook, you will know that I’ve become just a wee bit obsessed with the Olympics. On Friday, I actually spent the entire day, from morning until gone midnight, watching various sports. … Continue reading

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Boris will not run for Louise Mensch’s seat

Good luck to Louise Mensch as she heads to New York to live with her new husband. It didn’t take long for Political Betting to kick off the speculation that Boris Johnson will fight this highly marginal seat for the … Continue reading

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Way to inspire a (sedentary) generation of nerdfighters (YOUR TITLE IS TERRIBLE -Ed)

Before I start, I should mention that somebody saw an earlier draft of this post and made some unremittingly frank comments within it. I’ve reacted appropriately to that feedback. I didn’t notice the comment in the title before I pressed … Continue reading

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Telegraph: Women’s Judo is "disturbing"

The talk of Twitter last night was a blog post from Telegraph journalist Andrew M Brown, who wrote of his feelings when watching Gemma Gibbons win her Olympic silver in Judo yesterday. Pride? Admiration? Nope. None of that.  I found … Continue reading

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Rennie questions Salmond’s £400k on "London embassy" for the Olympics

The Scottish Government, understandably enough, has decided to showcase Scotland to the representatives of business and government from all over the world who are currently visiting London for the Olympics. Showing Scotland off is never a bad thing, especially when we are … Continue reading

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Women’s Beach Volleyball should be compulsory viewing

Two days into the Olympics and I’m loving it as much if not more than usual. Saturday was a really busy day for me – a demo, a meeting and an underage driving lesson for Anna – so I only … Continue reading

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Brilliant, bonkers and Bond it like Beckham – Boyle’s triumphant Olympic opening ceremony

Boy, am I tired this morning! I’m not suited to sitting up till 1am and then getting up at 7:30 for a meeting. I’m an old lady (about to be older) and I need my sleep. The fact that this … Continue reading

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