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Why I’m backing Jo #JoinJo

It’s Saturday 30th April 2005.  A group of  Lib Dems gather in a house in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow. A young woman implores us to take 300 leaflets each,  both morning and afternoon. It was so important, she said, that these … Continue reading

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My speech proposing the Electing Diverse MPs motion

Photo credit: Hilton Marlton I was at a training session, a fairly intense one, at the end of January when my phone rang. It was Party President Sal Brinton. She asked me if I would propose the Electing Diverse MPs … Continue reading

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65,000 job losses doesn’t constitute an employment crisis, according to SNP MSP

This article first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice One of the weirdest things about Scotland at the moment is that there is no great sense of an asteroid, let alone a bullet, being dodged. The SNP’s predictions about oil prices, … Continue reading

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My favourite typo ever…

I happened to mention on Facebook this morning that I’d ordered our Christmas wine from Laithwaites. I could have done it online, but their call centre is one of the best to deal with. I know that flogging wine to … Continue reading

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Mixed emotions after Syria vote

Yesterday was a very strange day, full of mixed emotions for me. I had instinctively felt from the start of all of this that the case for extending air strikes into Syria had not been made and, although I came … Continue reading

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Heartbreaking video showing how bullying affects 14 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome

If this does not absolutely break your heart, I don’t know what will. I understand how he feels, having spent the first three years of high school in a haze of nausea and fear because of bullying.

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Updated for 2015: How bullying destroyed my teenage years and affected my whole life: why Anti-Bullying Week matters

I first wrote this five years ago, and I share it every year during Anti-Bullying Week. I could write something else, but it took some emotional energy to write the first time and I’m not really up for putting myself through … Continue reading

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