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ComRes poll boost for Lib Dems – but the rest are as bad as each other

I’m certainly not going to get excited about a brief 3% increase in our poll rating, even if 15% is nearer where we have been in mid term even in opposition in previous parliaments. The ComRes poll in the Independent … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg has better approval ratings than Ed Miliband, George Osborne and Ed Balls

We’ve been wanting a bit of good polling news for a while now – and we have it from this month’s Guardian/ICM poll. Our poll rating of 14% would be in the ball park of what we would expect in … Continue reading

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>And the Hamster’s name is……

>Thank you to everyone who voted in the hamster naming poll. The results were as follows: Harry 29.2%Fluffball 25.0%Snowball 25.0%Another suggestion 20.8% Some of the other suggestions were brilliant – Baldrick suits a hamster of little brain, Gumby, as suggested … Continue reading

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>Six Point Leap for the Lib Dems in new poll

>I don’t often get too excited about opinion polls but this one, showing the Lib Dems up 6 points on the previous similar poll, can’t be bad. It must be significant that this comes in the month where: Vince Cable … Continue reading

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