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Johann Lamont’s best line ever at FMQs – and it wasn’t even accurate….

It’s been a bit of a pandatastic week. The Edinburgh Zoo pandas have been here for 18 months and have so far managed to avoid the First Minister. Until the other day. The way he pronounced on Tian Tian’s medical … Continue reading

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Sunshine and pandas. Is Summer really here at last?

So, I bunked off on Tuesday. I’d always half intended to, especially as it was a school holiday, and an opportunity to spend some time with Anna, but the fantastic weather meant that the laptop stayed firmly switched off and … Continue reading

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The Carmichael Twinterview – Pandas, policy and cake

Just before Christmas, Scottish Liberal Democrat members received a newsletter which contained a “Twinterview” with Chief Whip and Scottish Deputy Leader Alistair Carmichael. This is a chat he had with me – in which questions and answers had to be … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander compared to Lloyd George – in the Scotsman, for goodness’ sake

High praise indeed for Danny Alexander in today’s Scotsman, where David Maddox suggests that he should be the liberal hero of the 21st century as Lloyd George, architect of the People’s Budget was for the 20th century. Danny comes in … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander: the cure for panda Colic?

In December, two lovely pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, arrived from China to start a decade at Edinburgh Zoo. Yes, I know, dealing with the Chinese on this does make me feel a little queasy, but the animals themselves, … Continue reading

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BBC misogyny is so 2011

You would expect, wouldn’t you, that a public service broadcaster with a deserved reputation for quality as the BBC has, would be very careful to make sure that it didn’t discriminate against any one group of people. Unfortunately not. This … Continue reading

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A Pandatastic Afternoon at Edinburgh Zoo #pandas

I have been really grumpy these last few days – for lots of justifiable but thankfully minor reasons in the scheme of things. Today, however, is when excitement starts and will hopefully reign for the entire Festive Season.  I am … Continue reading

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Shabnum Mustapha urges Salmond to raise human rights in China

Shabnum Mustapha is a good friend of mine and she’s recently started a new job as Director of Amnesty Scotland. It was lovely to wake up this morning and hear her talking about human rights in China in the context … Continue reading

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Fairy lights for independence!

You’ve got to love the SNP. And I actually do, even if they annoy the hell out of me most of the time. I have my passions in life. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that Strictly, F1 and … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie, Salmond and cute and cuddly?

My mind boggled when I first read what Willie Rennie had said. I know that a very few Liberal Democrats in the blogosphere have said that he’s being too hard on the SNP, but when I saw the words Alex … Continue reading

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