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Dear Daily Mail, if a man is left in charge of his own child, he is parenting, not babysitting

One of my most re-tweeted comments ever. Must have struck a nerve. Or maybe Mitch Benn retweeting it helped: Daily Fail say Kate left William to babysit. Why is there this idea that men looking after their own child is … Continue reading

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Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou talks about family life

After a long break, I started watching Corrie again a couple of years ago, around the time of the tram crash. I’d grown up on the comedy and drama of life on the Street, but had drifted away. One of … Continue reading

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Actually, leaving a child behind is a big deal

Twitter is full of people saying that we shouldn’t be talking about David and Samantha Cameron leaving their 8 year old child behind in a pub.  Not a big deal. There are much bigger issues like Syria and the economy that … Continue reading

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My article for Lib Dem Voice on CentreForum’s parenting report

Earlier this week, Liberal thinktank CentreForum produced a report on parenting – you may have heard something on the news about their 5-a-day suggestions. I’ve read the whole thing and have done a report on it over at Lib Dem … Continue reading

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>Cookie Cutters, Wagging Fingers and praise for Harriet Harman – all in a Nick Clegg speech

>There appears to be some sort of unwritten rule at the BBC that they aren’t allowed to say anything positive about Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the moment. The other week, when he made a major speech on civil … Continue reading

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>Crying Babies: Why picking them up is good for them

>My friend Helen Butler posted this super article from the Analytical Armadillo website on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you. It cuts through all the myths about how crying is good for babies’ lungs (how on earth were … Continue reading

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