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Nick Clegg tells us what it was like preparing for PMQs

It’s just dawned on me that I never got round to posting Nick Clegg’s second Letter from the Leader, which gave an insight into what it was like preparing for PMQs. This was a a performance which was lauded by … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg does PMQs – the tweets

Nick Clegg did Prime Minister’s Questions today while David Cameron is schmoozing his way round the Middle East. He was so assured, confident and natural and spoke completely without notes. He even answered the question he was given and not … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg at PMQs – my tweets

As always, Paul Walter will be along later with his imitable account of PMQs on Liberal Democrat Voice, but I thought that seeing as our own Nick Clegg was standing in for David Cameron today, we could have a bit … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg is doing PMQs today at 12 noon

Don’t forget that while David Cameron is off schmoozing with President Obama, it’s our Nick Clegg who will be doing PMQs today at 12. He’ll face Harriet Harman, who launched a bizarre attack on him, suggesting that the Liberal Democrats … Continue reading

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PMQs – Tragedy, Comedy and the Continuing Saga of the Family Bone

I’m not used to learning anything from the weekly pantomime that is Prime Minister’s Questions. Sadly, though yesterday’s session brought  me the news of the death of Marie Colvin, the veteran Sunday Times reporter whose often heartbreaking reports from war … Continue reading

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What was David Cameron thinking when he spoke to the Liverpool Daily Post on Hillsborough?

Luciana Berger, Labour MP, for Liverpool Wavertree has crossed my radar before – and not in a good way.So, my ears pricked up when I heard her dulcet tones ask the first question at today’s PMQs. She demanded an apology from … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries confronts Cameron about too much Liberal Democrat influence in Government #PMQs

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. I doubt, to be honest, that Nadine Dorries manages twice a day, but she made Prime Minister’s Questions worth watching today. I’ll get the Hansard quote later, but the basic … Continue reading

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Wanted: P45 for Mrs Brooks

I spent probably too much of yesterday following PMQs, David Cameron’s statement on the phone hacking enquiry and the Hacked Off Campaign’s press conference outside 10 Downing Street. By the end of the day, we had been assured of a … Continue reading

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>PMQs – the best question ever. For Alice.

>PMQs has a reputation as an aggresssive, unpleasant, macho pantomime which does nothing to hold the government to account seriously, or tackle real issues. Occasionally, though, it can be poignant and relevant. There was a flash of that today. It’s … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson quizzes Cameron on nuclear plant safety

>One of the highlights of yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions was seeing Jo Swinson asking a question that’s on all our minds at the moment. I’ve certainly been shaken to the core as I’ve watched events unfold at the Fukushima plant … Continue reading

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