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>Nick Clegg in grown up politics shocker!

>Nick Clegg shocked the House of Commons yesterday by the simple act of behaving like a grown up. The Deputy PM was making his statement on the legislation for the AV Referendum, fixed term Parliaments, equalisation of constituency sizes and … Continue reading

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>Did I miss Labour’s Holyrood Democracy Riots?

>I am willing to accept that I am remarkably unobservant. I am perfectly capable of being so absorbed in my own little fairytale dream world that I could quite possibly not see Michael Schumacher or Tom Baker, both long term … Continue reading

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>Power 2010 – your last chance to have your say on cleaning up politics

>For the last few months, Power 2010 have been consulting the public on the reforms they’d like to see to make politics fairer. They first collected ideas and the voting process is in its final stages and you only have … Continue reading

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>Summertime – and reforming is easy

>I have to say I’m impressed that a group of politicians, particularly in some ways Lib Dem politicians, have come up with a quick, easy and achievable way of carrying out at least some of the reform to clean up … Continue reading

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>Dave the Reformer – Don’t make me laugh

>The idea that the Tories could deliver the major constitutional reform we need in this country is the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages. Cameron’s thoughts today – which, remember, aren’t actually proposals, just vague commitments from the Tories to … Continue reading

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