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The #talknottech campaign is go! F17 must be referred back or defeated #ldconf

This will be quick – I need to catch a train in 20 minutes and I’m still at kitchen table with towel round my head. Remember how I told you about how Federal Conference Committee had bizarrely rejected a very … Continue reading

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Party in a pickle over porn. What were the Federal Conference Committee thinking? #talknottech #ldconf

I was pleased that the party was going to be discussing online pornography, its effect on children and what to do about it at its conference. Here was the chance to get some sensible, evidence based policy made on a … Continue reading

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Report on internet pornography highlights need for education, not restriction

One of my biggest concerns in recent years has been the effect of access to easily available internet pornography on the next generation of young people. Every time I ask an expert in the field to reassure me and tell … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about porn – and sexual violence in computer games, for that matter

The internet is a fantastically liberal idea – easy to access and gives a voice to anybody who wants it to say pretty much what they like. You would hope that freedom would encourage live and let live, but anyone … Continue reading

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Making paying for sex illegal won’t end the abuse of women

Rhoda Grant MSP today gives evidence to Holyrood’s Justice Committee regarding her Private Members’ Bill which aims to make paying for sex illegal. I’ll look at the issue in more depth when I don’t feel completely floored by a nasty … Continue reading

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>80% of kids say it’s fine for Dad to beat Mum up if she’s late making the tea…..

>I bet that got your attention! It seems quite unbelievable at the beginning of the 21st century that 8 out 10 kids questioned think that it’s justified for a man to beat up a woman if they’re late with the … Continue reading

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